Grow my personal skills

The need for personal skill development is pretty unique to each person. While one person may feel they have great people skills, another may have never had the opportunity to develop them due to deficits in their environment or developmental delays. We also recognise and celebrate that people flourish in a huge variety of challenging environments.

Focusing on your strengths and struggles to work towards self-improvement is a process that requires huge amounts of courage and energy. Growth is a lifelong process and we work with you to forge a healthy ‘growth’ mind-set.

Support can be provided from Brave HQ tutors, counsellors or psychologists – and selecting which is more appropriate depends on your individual needs.


Our tutors have chosen to excel in one on one education. This means they don’t just give information, but they also look at your broader skills in critical thinking, philosophy, and expression of ideas. Our tutors introduce you to advanced study tools and work towards deeper learning, rather than getting a high ATAR. The highest achievers focus on refining the way they think about their subject matter, and in making connections between what they are learning and what they know.


Counsellors utilise elements of coaching, counselling, and mentoring to assist you to grow your skills depending on what you need. Coaching to develop specific skills could focus on things like workplace communication or developing tolerance to increased physical activity. Counselling is useful to enhance self-understanding and goal setting.


A psychologist can work with you to develop skills that assist coping with more complex emotions and mental ill health. This could include things like tolerating strong discomfort with close relationships or increasing your daily activities when very depressed or anxious.

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