Discover Brave HQ


Our mission at Brave HQ is to help people meet their mental health and educational needs in a funky and playful environment.

Inside Brave HQ you will find a team of psychologists and tutors that work with you to valiantly discover the courage and wisdom you need to face and endure the journey of life.

COVID-19 Update

We are currently offering all therapy and tutoring services via Telehealth ONLY (using telephone, WhatsApp or Zoom).

Our main office phone is out of action due the NBN being a dumpster fire – please send enquires via the website contact page.
  • NDIS currently cover services delivered via Telehealth.
  • Private health coverage will depend on your provider. Please contact them to ensure you will be covered.
  • Privately paying clients can continue to schedule Telehealth sessions as required.
  • Medicare rebates have temporarily been expanded to 20 sessions per calendar year.
  • Medicare Telehealth items are currently valid to end 2021 with expectation they will continue to be valid for some time.
    • You will still need to complete reviews at the 6 and 10 session mark, which can be done via Telehealth with your GP. New mental health care plans can also be completed via Telehealth with your GP.
We are utilising Zoom which is a free, easy to use software you can download to your smartphone, tablet or computer. Your sessions with us will be booked in advance and a link emailed to you. If you are unsure if this will be suitable for your needs, please just contact us to discuss how we would implement services.
Billing will be completed via BPAY, direct transfer or via a payment portal in our booking software.

Contact us for more information.


~ Has your mental health been affected by the bushfires? ~

Medicare has provided additional assistance to those who feel their mental health has been impacted by the recent bushfire events throughout Australia.

  • Anyone is eligible to utilise these services via Telehealth
  • You do not need to have a diagnosed mental health condition,
  • You do not need a mental health care plan from your GP or a referral,
  • You do not need to live in a bushfire affected area, and,
  • You do not need to have an existing relationship with our psychologists.

You are eligible for 10 sessions per calendar year and this is in addition to the 10 sessions associated with a mental health care plan.