We started Brave HQ with the intention of creating a working environment that was conducive to safe and fun learning for our team and clients. If you are getting good feels from how Brave HQ looks and sounds so far, please consider helping us get to know you and what you can bring to Brave HQ. Open positions will appear below. Please note we do not employ independent contractors. We insist on our staff receiving Workcover, Superannuation, and fair pay for their time.


We are always seeking psychologists who complement our team and are seeking a part time employed position. Fill out the form below to register your interest in working with us.


We are currently seeking suitable tutors and senior tutors. If you are overly educated, patient, personable, and encouraging, with a love of learning, you are encouraged to apply. Read the position descriptions below and fill out an application if you would like to apply. For further information about our tutoring services, head to

The Brave HQ Tutoring Philosophy

All our tutors are professionals who continue to expand their knowledge base and resources to better develop and broaden their clients’ intellectual horizons. They have chosen to excel in one-on-one facilitated remediation, study assistance, and extension. They understand how to combine mentoring and instruction to develop their student’s learning potential.

We have three types of tutors at Brave HQ, distinguished by achieving our unique mastery criteria:

Provisional Tutor
  • Up to six months of part-time/casual one-to-one tutoring experience.
  • Developing skills with secondary and/or primary school students with simple support requirements.
  • Limited knowledge of content outside specific subject matter.
  • Are currently enrolled in university undergraduate studies relevant to subject area of tuition provided.
  • Minimum of two years’ part time/casual one-to-one tutoring experience.
  • Proficient skills with secondary and/or primary school students with a range of needs.
  • Developing skills in specialist intervention programs for primary and secondary students.
  • Have completed university undergraduate studies.
Senior Tutor
  • Minimum experience equivalent to five years full-time or ten years part time, one-to-one tutoring.
  • Advanced skills:
    • assisting secondary and/or primary school students with a wide range of needs,
    • in instruction for multiple subject areas,
    • delivering specialist tuition for both remediation and extension, and
    • providing career and educational counselling in relation to future goals.
  • Completion of, or enrolment in, university post-graduate studies.
  • Work experience and/or continued involvement in societies relating to their field of interest.

Brave HQ will endeavour to assist all tutors to further their skills by providing regular supervision and professional development.

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